Domestic Roofing Services

SW Roofing is a top flat roofing specialist which can help you with all aspects of your domestic roofing project.

Why choose us?

We can roof your new build, kitchen extension, loft conversion dorma, or other flat roof using the expertise we have earned through many years in the trade.

As part of our diligent service, we will complete free surveying and quotation, discussing with you the different types of systems which we work with and will best suit your project. We provide guarantees, a professional service, and peace of mind. Call us today on 020 7978 6941 to speak with a professional advisor and we can arrange to visit you shortly.

Here are some of the services we provide and products we use:

What we offer

Our work is guaranteed is of the highest quality. With our vast array of experience we offer the following services:

Single Ply

Single ply membranes are a single layer of waterproofing, typically made from synthetic materials. They provide many advantages over the felts or asphalt that cover many of the roofs in the UK. There are several types of membrane, and we can advise on which may be best for your roof.

SW Roofing started as a specialist Single Ply contractor, and has built on it's reputation as a high quality installer to both private and commercial clients. We offer the full range of Single Ply systems currently available in the market place, and can offer the right product to suit your application and budget. From small refurbishment jobs to larger projects, we have quality products and fitters available to service your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Green Roofing

We are specialist installers of Green Roofs, from basic domestic sedum green roofs to full intensive roof gardens. With green roof installations becoming alot more common in the domestic and commercial building sector, we have a wide range of experience in installing both small domestic sedum roofs through to large commercial installations with wild flower meadow roofs.

Whether you have already got a full Green Roof specification done, specific to your build and planning requirements or want advice on designing and specifying a system for you, we have a design team on hand to help with building your bespoke green roof. We are happy to help at project design stage or survey site and help come up with the best solution for you.

Liquid Roofing

Cold Applied Liquid roofing systems now have a large presence in the flat roofing market which is still expanding, SW Roofing can offer multiple product solutions to fit your requirements. Used as a very cost effective product in the refurbishment arena, this technology is now being specified for many applications in the new build market.

Liquid systems allow many complicated roof details to be done very easily, whilst maintaining a much more aesthetically appealing appearance over traditional products. We are happy to advise and offer liquid solutions to a multitude of applications, contact our team for clear friendly advice on what is possible with these innovative products.

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Slate Roofing

We offer all of the traditional services and products associated with general roofing requirements, including the following;

Roof Slating both natural and man-made

Roof Tiling

Traditional Lead and Zinc work

Torch on Felt works

Tile Roofing
Lead Work

We have a full range of certified and experience fitters in all fields, and are able to offer very competetive quotations for all traditional roofing requirements.



SW Roofing are specialist installers of flat board insulation, we install thousands of metres a year of traditional flat board, and tapered schemes. Installed in conjunction with our roofing membranes and liquid systems.

We can install insulation to Building Regulations Part L specification on both new build and refurbishment projects, and we also can design and install acoustic specifications to meet Building Regulations Part E.

Tapered insulation packages are also one of our specialist areas, and we can work in conjuction with our suppliers and design / install custom tapered schemes to meet your U-Value and roof fall requirements.


We can fit from a huge range of rooflight choices, pyramids, domes, wedges etc. A rooflight can transform a rooms lighting, brightening up your household.


Sarnafil and Cefil are two of the quality flat roofing systems which are a worth investment into your home which we can fit. We also work with other systems, and will provide you full advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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